my writing toolbox

There are a few things I like to keep near me at all times as I write.

the workspace on a non-messy day.

the workspace on a non-messy day.

1. My mini notebooks. I love beautiful, larger ones, of course, but I ordered a few of the mini notebooks from Poppin because the color is fun and uplifting, and I like being able to press the spine down and not risk ruining the binding. Not only that, but they will fit anywhere. Score!

2. Multi-colored pens. These are handy for my notes. I tend to have ideas and questions in bursts, and using different colors helps to keep my thoughts in line. Back at school I used different colors for dates, people, treaties, concepts--you get the idea.

3. Coffee or tea. Self-explanatory, right?

4. I know it's not present in the picture below, but I love using a little app called Noisli. It's also available for free to use in your browser. Noisli is a compilation of different relaxing sounds from nature (and elsewhere) that you can mix together to create your own calming/productive track. It makes for a nice break between music, or when you aren't really in the mood for any of your playlists. 

5. iAWriter. This app is great if you are writing and don't want to be distracted. The layout is simple and goes fullscreen to cut out any tempting internet-type things.

What do you use to help you get those words out and organized?