5 ways to beat some nanowrimo blues

1. Do something with your hands.

No. Not typing. Not outlining. Clear off your desk, write a letter, go outside and take some pictures with your phone, bake a cake, or even start a quick & fun DIY--give yourself a break from that Word document that haunts you in your waking hours. For some fun project ideas, try Pinterest, the creatives' go-to time wasting device. There are a big variety of projects at poppy talk. Try making yourself a watercolor mug or a nifty notebook out of a paper bag.

2. Liven things up.

It seems like we spend most of NaNoWriMo staring at the same things, over and over. If this isn't you, read ahead. You're awesome and are way ahead of the game. Change the way you're sitting. Move a lamp to change the lighting, or maybe find yourself a fun new desktop background. Life isn't all about NaNo, and maybe all you need is a new, inspiring landscape, inspirational words, or fun patterns.

3. Switch up your playlists.

If you don't already use Spotify, you might want to try it. The ad-inclusive version is free, and lets you save albums and create your own playlists with music you don't actually own. Spotify is also a great way to discover new music--hit the Browse section to cruise through some curated radio stations, or start a clicking journey through the "related artists" tab.

4. Read a book.

Hey, aren't I supposed to be writing my own book? Well, yeah. But reading a book is never a waste of time. You might discover new ways to use plot twists or become inspired from an author's writing style. Reading a favorite book will help remind you why you're doing this in the first place!

5. Talk to someone about your book.

Or anything you want. Talking things out helps get your juices flowing in a way that having conversations with yourself about characters or foreshadowing might not.